Shrinking Ears (Age 6)

 The Activities

1. Topic: Size. Book: The Biggest Fish by Keenan. This is a simple book about a town that has a contest to see who can catch the biggest fish. The kids loved the drawing of a fish as big as a school bus.

2. Topic: Measurement, Graphs, Differences. We used ribbon to measure the kids’ wrists, ear, hand, foot and height. We compared the measurements to last year’s.IMG_20160110_173859

3. Topic: Estimation, Graphs, Counting. We guessed how many steps it would take to get from the kitchen to different parts of the house. Then we counted it out and compared the answer to our guesses.

  •  First each kid made a guess and counted it out, to different destinations.
  • Next, we each made a guess for a farther away destination (the front door), and then counted it to see who was closest. Each kid computed how far off their guess was.
  • Finally, we counted how many baby steps it would take to get to that destination.



How did it go?

This is the one year anniversary of the younger kids circle.  It was also the first circle in 4 weeks, due to Christmas vacations.  The kids had lots of energy, and were excited to see each other after so long.

Body Measurement

The kids were all really excited to find out who had the biggest feet/wrist/ ear.  It was a bit chaotic during the measurment phase. Another parent helped, but there was still lots of noise and excitement. Eventually everyone got their new ribbons glued down to their sheets.

As usual, there was a fair amount of measurement error. One girl’s ear appeared to have shrunk since last year 🙂

The kids were especially excited to see who was the tallest. My son won that competition by being one centimeter taller than the next kid. Interestingly, the smallest kid in circle grew the most — seven centimeters since last year. No one else grew more than five centimeters.

The kids had trouble answering, “Which measurement of yours changed the most in the last year?” They all wanted to answer whichever was their biggest measurement, even if it hadn’t changed much.

House Measurement

The kids all enjoyed guessing how far it would be to their target. Some of the kids were very strategic when taking their steps, taking smaller and smaller steps at the end, if necessary.

We all guessed how far it would be to the front door. The guesses were 19, 29, 30, 31, and 44. It took us 21 steps to get there.  Each kid then computed how far off their guess was, using our chart.

We had just a few minutes left in circle, and the kids were all joking about taking tiny baby steps, so I decided we would try it out. I picked a kid who had pretty regular baby steps, and then we all counted together as she walked to the front door. It took 115 steps, which was an excitingly big number to the kids.


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