Flowers, Stars, and Crabs (Age 5)

The Activities

  1. Topic: Comparisons: Book: Anno’s Math Games II by M. Anno, Chapter 2.  This chapter has a number of side-by-side similar pictures, and you have to find the similarities and differences.
  2.  Topic: Logic: We did “Boole Says” again — I said something like “Stand up if you are a boy OR are wearing socks.”  This time, the kids each got to come up with a command, and we also did some commands using “not” (“stand up if you are NOT wearing socks”).
  3. Topics: Patterns, Geometry: We used pattern blocks to draw pictures.  I named 2 or 3 different kinds of shapes (e.g., triangles and squares), and then each kid made a picture using those shapes.  Each time, we each went around and said what we had made.  We did about 5 rounds total.
  4. Topics: Scale, Astronomy: We explored The Scale of the Universe 2 web app for a while.  This is a visualization of the universe from the smallest scales (Planck length) to the largest (size of the observable universe).  Starting at human scale, we scrolled both bigger and smaller and discussed what we saw.

How Did It Go?

This circle went really well, the kids were very interested in all the activities.

Anno’s Math Games II

We spent a while finding all the differences in the most complicated of the activities.

Boole Says

The kids enjoy anything involving standing up and sitting down over and over :).  They did a pretty good job following the commands, a few of the kids got confused by AND vs. OR sometimes, but the other kids helped them.  When the kids were giving their own commands, I think every single one of the commands included themselves; and several of them ONLY included themselves.  One of the commands was “Everyone wearing flowers stand up”, and one of the kids didn’t realize they had flowers on their tights until everyone else pointed it out.

Pattern Block Pictures

The kids enjoyed this activity a lot.  There were a lot of flowers.  One kid’s pictures were noticeably different from the others — for example, one picture was a pretty good crab.  There were a few pictures that the kid didn’t know what it was.

The Scale of the Universe

The kids voted to go bigger first.  One of the kids has done a lot of astronomy things in the past, and was able to identify a bunch of the objects, such as the Lunar Lander, Apollo rocket, etc.  Smaller turned out to be less interesting — pretty quickly all you’ve got is particles, which aren’t too exciting.  The kids’ favorite thing was scrolling through the whole thing really fast, which looks like going through a tunnel because the way there are smaller and smaller concentric circles.



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