Arranging Angles (Age 7)

The Activities

Corey was gone this week, so two parents graciously volunteered to lead circle this week.

  1. Topic: Money:  Sold!  A Math Adventure by N. Zimelman and B. Barnard.
  2. Topic: Geometry: This activity explored the fact that the sum of the angles of a triangle is 180 degrees, and a (convex) quadrilateral 360 degrees.  Starting with various triangles and quadrilaterals, the kids cut off the corners and then arranged them next to each other.  They also tried to measure the angles using a protractor.
  3. Topic: Building: Using our collection of Magformers, the kids tried to build as tall a tower as possible.

How Did It Go?

There were some challenges this circle.

Adding Angles

The goal was to get them to discover that the sum of the angles was 180 or 360 degrees.  Apparently, this didn’t work out too well, and the kids ended up spending a lot of time cutting without much discovery.  Afterwards, several of them said (repeatedly) that “they didn’t know what the point was.”  This is a very nice activity, so we’re going to try it again later; the parents who led it suggested that it might work better if the shapes were smaller so it took less time to cut them out.

Tower Building

The two parents had a contest with the kids to see who could build a taller tower.  Unfortunately, one of the kids knocked over the parents’ tower partway through.  Tower building with Magformers works pretty well, but at a certain point the towers tend to collapse in on themselves.


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