20 Statements (Age 5)

The Activities

Corey was gone this week, so one of the other parents stepped in and led circle.  These are their notes.

  1. Topic: Logic: Book: Anno’s Math Games II by M. Anno, first chapter, about a transformation machine (i.e., “function”).
  2. Topic: Logic: A kid would pick a card with an animal on it.  I made a series of statements, and they had to say true or false, until I was able to figure out what animal it was.
  3. Topic: Logic: To practice the use of AND and OR,  I made up a bunch of statements like “stand up if you’re five and have long hair”, “stand up if you are a boy and don’t have socks on”, etc.
  4. Topic: Logic: We did a logic puzzle, borrowed from Boole2School.
    On Halloween,  four strange characters visited your school:
    a witch, a goblin, a ghost and a black cat. Each of them went into exactly one of these rooms: classroom 2, classroom 3, classroom 4 and the staff room.
    The goblin stole a notebook.
    The cat painted her paws.
    The ghost hid in a desk. .
    The witch left a present.
    Clue 1: Nothing was stolen from classroom 4.
    Clue 2: The ghost hid either in classroom 2, or in the staff room.
    Clue 3: Classroom 2 was not visited by a goblin.
    Clue 4: No notebooks or paints are ever kept in the staff room.
    Clue 5: The black cat did not prowl through classroom 4.

    Where did each of them go?

    IMG_20151108_184225 IMG_20151108_184328

  5. Topics: Logic, Puzzles: Fox, goose, grain puzzle: a boat, only 2 things can be transported across the river at a time, if you leave the fox with the goose or the goose with the grain, the goose/grain will be eaten.

How Did It Go?

Anno’s Math Games

All kids really liked the magical machine.  They figured out the patterns fairly well, and liked the “reverse time machine”, i.e. if they went in it would make then babies.

20 Statements

The first round went well, everyone took turns and I was able to figure the animal out fairly quickly.  Second round became disorganized, two kids always tried to help by telling me the animal.

Boole Says

The kids enjoyed this.  Two of them always liked to stand up, but after a few statements they paid closer attention with more success.

Halloween Logic

This was a good puzzle. I had them write in the name of their school.  This got their attention, but one of them became concerned if this really happened in their school.  I read them the clues and filled out the first part of the table, after that we went around and everyone filled in part of the truth table.  At the end, they were quite surprised and curious when the table revealed who went to which classroom. One kid was very good at interpreting the clues for the truth table.

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