Lots of Bunnies (Age 7)

The Activities

  1. Topics: Fibonacci, Sequences: Book: The Number Devil by H. Enzensberger, night 6, which covers Fibonacci numbers.  We explored a number of the properties of Fibonacci numbers (such as that fact that the squares of two consecutive Fibonacci numbers is also a Fibonacci number), and drew “Bunny diagrams” to see how Fibonacci could arise in nature.IMG_1726
  2. Topics: Graphs, Coordinates: The kids each did another worksheet from worksheetworks.com.  This time the coordinates included negative values.
  3. Topics: Games, Addition: We played Clumsy Thief, which involves finding pairs of numbers that add to $100.

How Did It Go?

We had only 3 kids this week.


The kids were able to write out the Fibonacci sequence until about 1000.  The kids varied in how interested they were in the various properties; one kid was “bored”.  One of the kids really understood the bunnies diagram and did quite a few rows.

Coordinate Pictures

As usual, the kids enjoyed doing the pictures.  One of them had brought back their homework from a previous week (another coordinate picture) and got a prize.  The negative coordinates confused them for a while, but still the actual difficulty is knowing whether the first coordinate is horizontal or vertical.  By the end they were doing pretty well, and they all finished one picture.

Clumsy Thief

Two of the kids liked the game, the other wasn’t so sure; I think this corresponded roughly with how quickly they were able to find the pairs that added up to $100.


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