Venn Fairy Tales (Age 5)

The Activities

  1. Topic: Word Problems: Book: The Case of the Missing Zebra Stripes, “Henry’s Tale”.  We stopped to solve all the riddles in this story.
  2. Topic: Numbers: Using a deck of cards from 1-104 (e.g. Slide 5), we did several activities.  First, I gave each kid 10 random cards and asked them to find the largest one.  Then I asked what the largest one was overall.  Next I gave them each a stack of cards and asked them to find all the 50’s.  After that, they had to find all the numbers that ended in 2.  Finally, they needed to find pairs of cards that were flipped (e.g., 68 and 86; also 55 by itself).
  3. Topics: Odd One Out, Venn Diagrams, Attributes: Using a set of fairy tale character cards, I dealt sets of 4 cards, and then asked the kids to come up with ways to group them (e.g., these are animals, the others aren’t).  There were usually 3-4 different ways the kids came up with per set.  After doing that for a while, using big paper circles to make a 2-circle Venn diagram, I asked them to place all the cards where one of the circles was “Magic things” and the other was “Animals”.

How Did It Go?

We had 4 kids this week.

Henry’s Tale

The riddles were a good level for the kids; they solved them all but it took a while.

Number Cards

There’s still a wide variety of abilities for recognizing numbers; most but not all of the kids now recognize two-digit numbers. The kids found the numbers 100+ to be very amusing. Finding mirror images was pretty hard. One of the kids convinced everyone else to help find the number they were looking for. At one point, two different kids were each looking for the other’s card. One kid decided they really wanted to find the sum of all the cards, which actually was one of the activities in the big kids circle!

Venn Fairy Tales

The kids did a good job coming up with different ways to group the cards. The most interesting one was when we had gone up to 6 random cards, and the kid decided to split into “real” vs. “not real” — but 5 of the 6 cards were (probably) in the wrong group! (Gingerbread Man => real, Golden Goose -> real, Flute Player => not real). The Venn diagram went well, they didn’t use the overlapping region though until I asked them specifically where the dragon should go. We had to have a vote about whether the queen was magical or not (she looks like the wicked queen from Snow White).


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