Wizard of Oz Logic (Age 5)

The Activities

  1. Topic: Logic: Book: The Case of the Missing Zebra Stripes by Time-Life Books. This time we did the chapter about the missing stripes.
  2. Topic: Logic. Follow clues to put Wizard of Oz dolls in the correct order.
    The dolls in order.

    The dolls in order.

    Puzzle #1: The wicked witches were first and last. The wicked witch of the east was next to Glinda. The hats of the same color were together. Dorothy held the Scarecrow’s hand. The wizard finished just before Glinda. (The picture is the answer to this one).

    Puzzle #2: The wicked witches are next to Dorothy. The scarecros is next to Glinda. The East finished after Dorothy. The boys were together. Glinda was first. The Wizard was next to a wicked witch.

    Puzzle #3: (Uses the lion and the tin man figures too). A boy won. Dorothy was next to Glinda. Pointy hats were together. Dorothy was third to last. The East pulled Glinda’s hair and finished before her. The first person was silver. The scarecrow finished before the East.

  3. Topic: Sorting. Put the numbers 1-100 in order on the number board. This time, we did the side that does not show all the numbers.  I put in some numbers before they started to make it easier.

    The starting board.

    The starting board.

  4. Topic: Attributes. Build a chain using attribute blocks, so that each pair of adjacent shapes has only one difference.  For example, a big, fat, red, circle could go next to a big, fat, blue, circle.
    An attribute chain around the table.

    An attribute chain around the table.

    How did it go?

We had all five kids this week. They worked well together, but the activities were a little harder than usual, so some kids got distracted at various points.

The Zebra Stripes

The kids were all excited to get to the chapter that the book was named after. In this chapter, an investigator tries to figure out why some zebras are missing their stripes every day at 6pm. It turns out that those are not zebras, but white horses who jumped into the zebra’s pen to eat the zebra dinner.

One kid immediately noticed the white horses in the neighboring pen (on the first page of the chapter).  She even suggested that maybe the white horses were jumping in to the pen. Furthermore, she said we could count the zebras to check if that was happening.

Wizard of Oz Logic

First I showed the dolls to the kids.  Two of them were unfamiliar with the Wizard of Oz characters but quickly learned the characters’ names.  There was a bit of gr.abbiness during this activity, where everyone wanted to touch the dolls at once, but overall it went well.


This was definitely trickier than the previous activity.  Two of the kids needed significant help to figure out where their numbers fit.  The other 3 could do it independently, but two of them made some mistakes (like thinking 68 was 86).

Attribute Chains

First we reviewed the attribute shapes and said what was the same or different about pairs of shapes.  Then I asked each kid to pick their favorite shape.  Then pick another shape that only has one difference.  With a bit of help, everyone found one.  Next I asked them to add to their chain. This took a bit of explaining to understand that you only look at the shapes right next to the new shape to count the differences, but eventually most kids understood.

After 10 minutes or so, we had 3 kids who had significant attributes chains of their own, and they started to overlap with each other.  At that point, the kids wanted to connect all their chains together.  So we all worked together to finish a large loop of the whole table. The kids were so excited that they brought in their parents to see what they had done.


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