Cinderella’s Castle Vs. Elsa’s (Age 7)

The Activities

  1. Topic: Graphs. Book: Graphs by Bader.A kid does his math homework at a family reunion by graphing various things. The kids all loved the surprise ending.
  2. Topic: Probability, Graphs. The kids worked together to make two giant-sized probability graph.  Two kids filled in one graph by rolling two 6-sided dice and adding them together.  The other three kids rolled one 12-sided die to fill in theirs.


    One 12-sided die


    Two 6-sided dice.

  3. Topic: Spatial Reasoning. The kids took turns building a secret shape out of pattern blocks.  The kid would then describe the shape to the other kids, who would try to build the same shape (without seeing the secret shape).IMG_20150913_173305

How did it go?

We had all 5 kids this circle.  It was a pretty easy circle, and everyone had a good time.

Big Probability Race

I broke the kids into two groups, to each work on one of the big graphs.  The graphs each covered and entire sheet of poster board.  Each kid had their own dice, and would roll, fill in a square, then roll again.

Kids at work.

Kids at work.

After the a number won the race by reaching the top, I asked the kids if they saw any differences between the charts.  They said that the two  6-sided dice could never get a one.  But other than that, they felt that both graphs looked like castle.  The two dice one looked like “Cinderella’s Castle”, while the 12-sided one looked like Elsa’s castle because it was more jaggedy and had more towers.

I had expected the charts to look a little more different, but I think the kids rolling the 12-sided die were cheating a little.  They got a few extra 7’s at the start, and then really wanted to get more 7s, so they tended to skip some rolls that were not seven.

Shape Description

Four of the kids were excited to build and describe their own shape.  One kid chose not to do that, but he happily built the shapes the others described.

The describers learned a lot about what makes a good clue.  For example, one girl started by saying hers “looks kind of like a flower pot with three flowers”.  The other kids all groaned and complained because they had no idea what that meant.  With some help, eventually the describer finished, and the kids had similar answers:

Two answers to the "Pot of Flowers"

Two answers to the “Pot of Flowers”


I wrote down some of the clues given by a later describer:

“Get 4 trapezoids, 6 triangles, 2 diamonds, 1 hexagon. The two trapezoids make a hexagon with the line going down. The two diamonds go on top of the trapezoid hexagon, pointing out. The hexagon goes on top of the diamonds, making a head shape.”


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