Where Is The Potty?

The Activities

  1. Topics: Numbers, Place Values: Book: Earth Day — Hooray! by S. Murphy.
  2. Topics: Numbers, Place Values: Using Base Ten Blocks, we practiced going from Base Ten Block representations of numbers to the numerical form, and vice-versa.
  3. Topics: Addition, Subtraction, Games: We played Math Dice Jr.  Each round, you roll 1 12-sided die and 5 6-sided dice (2 of them with only numbers 1-3) and then try to make the number on the 12-sided die using the numbers on the 6-sided dice using addition and subtraction.  We had a small modification where each player could only match one set of dice per round.
  4. Topic: Maps: We happen to have architectural drawings from the remodel of our backyard, so we all went outside and found things on the map.  Then, I made an overhead view of the first floor interior, and I had the kids find and draw various pieces of furniture and other things on their maps.

How Did It Go?

We had 4 kids this week.

Earth Day — Hooray!

A nice introduction to place values for 4-digit numbers.

Base Ten Blocks

The kids were a bit better at this than the last time we did this, half of them are fairly solid and the other half still need more practice.

Math Dice Jr.

The kids were all in pretty different places with this game, ranging from coming up with the answer right away every time to mostly just getting it when the die matched the number exactly.  That’s why I introduced the rule that each person could only get one match each time, and also once each kid got to the finish line they watched until (all but one of) the other kids finished.  This worked out fine, the kids who were finished were still mostly interested in watching.

House Maps

This activity also had a pretty big range of abilities, but not in the same order as the dice game.  One of the kids had a pretty decent handle on how to read a map, and when drawing objects got the exact right spot most of the time.  The other kids were much spottier — they could do reasonably well on getting the right room, but within the room had a lot of trouble finding the right spot.  The kids definitely enjoyed running around outside.  They were good at looking at textures (such as the stone-paved part of the backyard), but the spacial layout was much harder.  Any talk of bathrooms was extremely funny.


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