Pick a Pickle (Age 5)

The Activities

1. Topic: Odd and Even. Book: Splitting the Herd by Harris. This is an interesting book about two neighbors dividing up cows that have escaped from the fence.

2. Topic: Sorting. Give each kid a number and have them sort themselves. Then give them letters to sort.


3. Topic: Adding. The kids got worksheets showing boxes with 2 dice in each. They had to color each box where the sum of the dice was 5. Each completed sheet formed a letter, which spelled out a message. Here are the worksheets.


“Pick A Prize”

4. Topic: Spatial Reasoning. I photographed some pictures I had made out of Wooden Pattern locks, and the kids recreated them.

IMG_20150718_084016 IMG_20150719_171420 IMG_20150718_084204

How did it go?

We had 4 kids this week after a couple weeks without circle, due to vacations.  The kids seemed happy to be back, and all contributed to the activities.


First the kids were randomly given numbers between 1 and 100.  The kids had to stand against the wall in sorted order. Most of the kids could correctly name a number, e.g. ’27’ is twenty-seven, not seventy-two. But only one of the kids was confident whether 27 is smaller than 72 or not.  We decided to count by tens to find out if twenty comes before seventy.

Next I said we were going to sort letters. The kids said we could use alphabetical order.  They agreed ‘A’ was first and ‘Z’ was last.  I handed out random letters to each kids and they sorted themselves against the wall. Once they were satisfied, I would sing the ABCs and tap each kid on the head when I said their letter. Often they would find out that they were not in the correct order. After two or three sets of letters, one of the kids took charge and would sing the song to herself to sort the other kids.


The kids went right to work. Some kids checked each box in order. One girl realized that 2 + 3 was 5, so she searched her sheet for all 2+3s.  Next she did 1+4. Two of the kids really zoomed through their sheets, the others took more time but did make progress.  At the end we taped the sheets to the wall in order and sounded out “Pick A Prize”. After circle each kid got to choose a small prize from my shoebox of math prizes.

Pattern Block Diagrams

All 4 kids were surprisingly good at recreating shapes from my photographs.  Each kid did at least 4 of the designs. One girl wanted to keep going even while we were picking up and getting ready to choose a prize.


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