Mother’s Day Math

The Activities

1. Topic: Graphs: Book: The Great Graph Contest by Leedy. In this book, animals compete to make the coolest graphs. Everything by Leedy is awesome, including this book. The kids were very interested in the idea of a contest, and in the various graphs the animals made.

2. Topic: Origami: Each kid made a ‘Secret Heart Box’ origami model for their mother.


3. Topic: Codes: Each kid wrote a short love letter to their mother, and then encoded it using a letter to number key I provided.  Then they folded up the notes and put them in the origami heart box.


4. Topic: Graphs: The kids got a worksheet that list various points on the Cartesian Plane, e.g. (5, 3). When then plot the points, it draws a picture of a simple shape.


How did it go?

I led the older kids circle this week. All five kids attended.


The kids all cheered when they heard we would do origami. My daughter complained because she did not want to give the heart box to me 😛

This model was a quite a bit harder than the ones the kids have done before, but they all did really well, staying patient and letting me help on the tricky steps. All 5 kids successfully completed the project.

Coded Letters

At first the kids were not sure what to write, but they soon each came up with their own mother’s day message. Some of the messages were quite a lot longer than others, so a couple kids had to finish their messages at the end of circle.  No one had any trouble translating their English message into coded numbers.

Coordinate Plane Graphing

None of the kids had graphed points before, but they very quickly caught on.  Some of the kids really zoomed through this.  They all enjoyed seeing what picture the coordinate drew.  The only question the kids had was whether they should start at 0 or start at the last point they had drawn.


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