My Pretend Birthday Party 3

The Activities

  1. Topic: Charts. Book: What Do You Like? Math Concept Reader
  2. Topic: Charts.  My birthday was last week! The kids helped me plan a pretend birthday party by voting on different items using various charts and graphs.
    1. What drink?
    2. What snack?
    3. Where should the party be?
    4. What game?
    5. What kind of cake?
    6. IMG_1333IMG_1332
  3. Topic: Search, Number Ordering. The evil, made-up Easter Goblin loves to steal eggs. She thinks of a number between 1 and 40, and if you don’t guess it in time, she gets an egg. I started by letting the kids have 10 guesses to find the number. For example: Is it 30? No, it’s higher than 30.  Then I used a number line to help them keep track of which numbers it could be.
    The dastardly Easter Goblin vs the Math Circle kids.

    The dastardly Easter Goblin vs the Math Circle kids.

    The number line showing that the number must be between 20 and 25.

    The number line showing that the number must be between 20 and 25.

    How did it go?

    I led the younger circle this week, and all 5 kids attended.  The kids were very engaged in all the activities, and did a good job waiting their turns.

What do you like?

This is a simple Math Concept reader that describes a group of kids planning a neighborhood block party. It’s pretty dry, but the kids were interested in the graphs and charts and voting.

My Pretend Party!

I’ve planned a pretend party each of the last two years with the older kids. This is the younger kids first chance.  Before circle I had prepared 5 different types of charts for voting. During circle, the kids helped me fill in the chart, suggesting what types of cake, etc we should vote on.  The kids really enjoyed this part…everyone was constantly raising their hands, ready to contribute.

Next we passed each chart around to each kid so they could vote on each topic. We had a chart where you write you name under the option you choose, make a tick mark next to your two favorites, fill in a box in a bar chart, and write your name + write an X in the box you choose.

At the end of circle, I handed one chart to each kid, and had all the parents and the kids from the older circle vote. Each kid had to explain what their chart’s topic was, and how to vote.

In the end, my pretend party was a Pump It Up, with chocolate cake and crepes and fruit. We’ll drink water, and play soccer at my party.  Sounds fun!

The kids were a bit sad when they learned they would not get to actually go to this party, but they sang me Happy Birthday and we shared a pretend cake.

The Easter Goblin Guessing Game

I told the kids about the made up Easter Goblin who steals eggs and keeps them in her purse. My daughter and I had made some nice construction paper eggs before circle. The eggs were taped on the wall between the Easter Goblin, and a picture I drew of the 5 Math Circle kids.

Each round the Easter Goblin (me) wrote down a secret number between 1 and 40.  The kids got 10 guesses to figure out my number. If they did, then Math Circle got an egg. Otherwise the Easter Goblin got one.

The first couple rounds I had a number line out on the table, but didn’t really help them figure out the possible range for the answer.  We had guesses like: 20? no, lower. 30? no, lower.  Also, one of the kids loved to guess huge numbers like 100 million or infinity.

After this, I started tracking the range of possible numbers using two glass beads on the numberline. This helped the kids a lot, and I only gave them 6 guesses.

The kids did understand that they should only guess numbers in the range, but they still need practice with number recognition. They are not sure if 27 is twenty-seven or seventy-two.  When we do this again, I’ll make sure all the kids are seeing the number line rightside-up.

The kids loved beating the Easter Goblin, and they won 5 of the 6 eggs (one time I gave them extra guesses).


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