Attack of the Green Slime!

The Activities

We spent the whole circle drawing a decision tree map for the Choose Your Own Adventure Book: The Green Slime by Saunders.  Choose Your Own Adventure books have places where the readers decide what they want to do next…Do you want to try to save your little brother from the slime? Or go get help?

Each time we got to a decision point, we added it to the map (which was a poster board taped to the wall). The kids took turns making each decision.  We put a box around each end point.  The kids soon got good at reading the map and could figure out which choices we should make to get to the next new part of the tree.

Photo 2014-09-05 11.45.32 AM (1)


This took virtually no preparation. I just read through the book and drew my own map.


How did it go?

It was a small circle today, with just 3 kids. I had done this activity with my daughter previously, so she was familiar with this idea.  Some of the other kids had never seen Choose Your Own Adventure books, so they were surprised at first.  Halfway through they started to get the idea, and were happy to suggest titles for the various decision points.  They were all pretty interested in the book itself.


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