See How We’ve Grown


  1. Topic: Shapes: Book: Sir Cumference and the First Round Table by Neuschwander.
  2. Topic: Measurement: Measure the kids’ wrists, hands, feet, ears and height with ribbons and compare to the their measurements from January. Have the kids glue their new ribbons on the same sheet as their measurement from January. Ask them questions like:
    1. Who has the biggest ear? Smallest?
    2. Who grew the most since January?
    3. How many centimeters long is your wrist.
      Copy of Photo 2014-09-05 12.16.58 PM
  3. Topic: Addition and Subtraction: Kids throw bean bags at a posterboard of numbers. The first 3 bean bags are positive, and the last is negative, e.g. they might get 20 + 5 + 4 – 12.  The highest number wins the round. The winner gets to write their name on the leaderboard on the wall.


Ribbon activity: You’ll need some pretty pieces of ribbon for the measurements. We made a PowerPoint slide that had centimeters lines, where the kids could glue their ribbon.  The file is available here.

Bean Bag activity: We used bean bags from a bean bag toss game. The board is random shapes I drew on posterboard and taped onto the floor.

How did it go?

We had all 6 kids this week, which makes for a hectic circle.

The cool thing is that we did this same activity back in January, so I was interested to see how much the kids had grown.  I had two of the parents help do the various measurements. It turns out that there’s a lot of measurement error possible…the measurements vary a lot based on how tight you hold the ribbon, or where exactly you measure from.  Interestingly, all 6 kids had grown exactly 2 centimeters in height since January.

The kids love the bean bag toss…it’s a popular activity we’ve done in the past.  This time we added some subtraction, which was a fun challenge for them.  They used the Base Ten Blocks to handle the larger numbers. It turns out the being ‘the winner’ is a big motivator to some of the kids.  Everyone wanted to write their name on the wall chart, and some kids were sad when they didn’t win…but their sportsmanship is generally improving.


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