Lord Business Vs. Unikitty

The Activities

  1. Topic: Even and Odd Numbers: Book: Even Steven and Odd Todd by Cristaldi.
  2. Topic: Story problems: The kids had to build a Lego tower to save Batman and Unikitty from Lord Business. They earned Lego bricks by solving the 9 story problems, using Base Ten Blocks.

    My daughter adds the bricks she’s earned to the tower.

    Here are the problems:

    1.  6 Lego friends went to a building party. Each friend brought 5 bricks.  Then 4 more friends came. They forgot to bring bricks. The friends decided to share all the bricks. How many bricks does each friend get?
    2. Wild Style was building a Lego car for Batman. It takes 32 red bricks to build the car. Wild Style only has 19 red bricks. How many more bricks does she need?
    3. Lego cows are built from 3 black bricks and 2 white bricks. A tornado came and smashed a herd of Lego cows.  Emmet found 12 black bricks in the field. How many white blocks did he find?
    4. A Lego ice castle is built from 425 white bricks.  Lego Elsa built 3 ice castles. How many bricks did she use?
    5. Unikitty is building a Lego heart. The heart needs: 1 purple brick, 5 more green bricks than purple bricks, 12 more red bricks than green bricks.  How many bricks does Unikitty need?
    6. Batman, Wild Style, Emmett, and Unikitty are each 4 bricks tall.  How tall are they if they stand on top of each other?
    7. Batman built a Lego house. He used 76 blocks to build half of the roof. How many more blocks does he need to build the rest of the roof?
    8. Unikitty built a Lego school. Each chair took 6 bricks. Each table took 11 bricks. She built 3 chairs and 2 tables. How many bricks did Unikitty use?
    9. A Lego tree is 20 bricks high. A Lego box is 4 bricks high. How many boxes do you have to stack to get to the top of a tree?
  3. Topic: Spacial Reasoning:  Tangrams. The kids used Tangram shapes to form pictures like a Zombie, a Lady, or a Cat.


Lego activity: I drew a cute picture of a cliff with Unikitty and Batman stuck at the top, and I figured out how many Lego bricks it would take to reach from the floor to the top of the cliff. Then I gave the kids 5 bricks for each question they got right, so when they answered all the questions, they could save Unikitty and Batman.

Tangrams: We bought a bunch of Tangram sets from Amazon. Since this is the first time the kids were using Tangrams, I wanted them to be able to arrange the Tangrams on top of the pictures. It turned out to be tough to get Tangram printouts that were the right size, so David used his PowerPoint magic to resize some of the Tangram pictures we found online.  Here are his pictures that worked with our Tangram sets.

How did it go?

Math Circle with 2 kids is so different than with 4 or 5. I actually had time to work with the kids one-on-one here, which was a nice change.  I was hoping the Lego Movie theme would appeal to the one boy in our circle, but it turned out he had never seen the movie :-). The story problems were the perfect difficulty for the two kids.  They could read the problems mostly on their own, and then were able to solve most of them independently either in their head or using the Base Ten Blocks.  The hardest problems were C, D, E, and I.


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