My Daddy Has Twice As Much Money As That!

The Activities

  1. Topic: Money: Book: A High-Fiving Gift for Mom by Bradbury.
  2. Topic: Sorting: As a group, sort 103 numbered cards in 15 minutes.
  3. Topic: Money: Find all the ways to make 1 cent, 5 cents, 10 cents, and 25 cents.
  4. Topic: Puzzles: Towers of Hanoi: Work on 4, 5, 6 disc puzzles.  The object is to move all the discs to the rod at the other end, but you can only move one disc at a time, and cannot put a larger disc on top of a smaller one.

A 4-disc Tower of Hanoi puzzle.Sort 103 numbered cards in 15 minutes. This time the kids only sorted 60 cards.


For the money activity, I had a bag of cleaned up coins of various denominations. 

Somewhere online I found super-cheap Towers of Hanoi puzzles (~$4 each), so I bought 6 so each kid could use their own.

How did it go?

We had 5 kids at this circle.


This is really a fascinating activity and I have very interesting video of the kids working on this.  This time I gave the kids a few minutes to strategize before starting, but they didn’t want to talk at all.

3 of the kids spread all their cards out face up on the ground. But Kid #4 and Kid #5 held on to their cards.  They quickly laid out cards 1- 25. But then the first 3 kids got bored while waiting for Kid #4 and #5 to find cards in their hands.  So Kids 1-3 started picking random cards.  This slowed the group down drastically.  The problem is that the kids page throught cards in their hands one at a time, without sorting them at all, so it takes forever.

Kid #3 actually sorted the cards ina pile for 40s, 50s, and 60s, but didn’t pay attention to the other kids, so missed it when they called for 40s.

They ended up sorting 60 cards in 15 minutes, which is worse than the last time they did this.  I asked them why they did worse this week. They had no insights.  Then I asked if there were times when they went faster or slower today.  Kid #4 said they went fast in the 30s and I asked why. She said because there were more of them. I said “are there?” and she said no.  I pointed out that they had going faster in the beginning when cards were on the floor.


There was a lot of excitement when I brought out a bag of coins.  Several kids said basically “My daddy has twice as much money as that!”  They all grabbed a big pile of coins and starting stacking, sorting and talking. After a bit of this, I brought out a money chart where I had taped each denomination on a paper and written the name and amount of each.  Several kids said they wanted to make a chart like that.

The kids quickly saw there is only one way to make 1 cent.  They also got 2 ways for 5 right away. 10 cents took a bit longer, and 25 cents was hardest. Several of the kids would drift off into their own world and not suggest any ways to make 25, unless I explicitly asked them.

Towers Of Hanoi

The kids were excited to see the Towers again, especially Kid #1 who had begged her parents to buy her a Towers of Hanoi app so she could practice. Kid #1 easily finished 5,6,7,8 discs. I *think* all the moves were legal, but I wasn’t watching too closely.

Kid #2 did 4 and 5 discs easily, but got really frustrated on 6. It didn’t help that Kid #3 kept pointing out that Kid #1 was doing more discs than Kid #2.

Kid #3 – 5 solved 4 discs, and worked hard to get 5.


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