Who has the biggest ears?

The Activities

  1. Topic: Measurement: Book: Magnus Maximus, A Marvelous Measurer, by Pelley.
  2. Topic: Measurement: Measure various body parts: wrist, ears, height, etc. Sort the kids by different attributes.
  3. Topic: Logic: Story sequences with missing pictures.


We bought some ribbon for the boy measurement activity. We also made charts for the kids to glue their ribbons to.  Here’s the PowerPoint of the chart.

How did it go?


First I had the kids sort themselves by various attributes: height, hand size, foot size, wrist circumference. It was funny watching them compare themselves. For example, for foot size, they decided to have both people sit on a chair facing each other and put their feet together, but they didn’t have a third person come look at the feet, and it’s hard to see your own feet that well.

Next I gave them each a sheet with centimeter spaced lines, space for each of the 4 things we measured, and a space for name and height.   Another parent and I helped cut ribbons that matched the kids hand, foot, etc.  I was surprised that some of the kids’ feet are longer than the width of a sheet of paper, so the ribbons hung off the end when glued down.

At the end I brought down a picture of my daughter as a newborn, with the cast of her foot, and we measured it.

Story Sequences

The kids have already mastered basic story sequences, where there are six picture cards telling a story, and they have to put them in the right order. We made it a bit harder by randomly removing one of the cards, and asking the kids to figure out what was missing.

The kids were quite good at this, and made good guesses about what card might be missing. Everyone seemed pretty engaged, except one kid who asked, “When is math circle over?”