Santa Loves Math

The Activities

This was the last circle of the year, so we had a Christmas themed circle.

Have 4 different stations, a parent mans each station.

  • Topic: Symmetry: Spacial Reasoning: Station 1: Make a snowflake with a heart and a diamond.
  • Topic: Combinations: Station 2: Find 9 color combinations for a snowman’s hat and scarf.  There are 3 colors, and you should color the hat and the scarf of the snowman. For example, you might color the hat blue and the scarf red. Or the hat and scarf both blue. 
  • Topic: Counting: Station 3: Have 4 different piles of Base Ten Blocks ‘presents’ that they need to count.
    • 3 ten bars + 14 ones.  
    • 2 ten bars + 24 ones
    • 1000 cube + 3 ones
    • 4 hundred squares + 10 bar
  • Topic: Division: Station 4: Make stockings for 4 friends out of stacks of 3 kinds of candy, dividing the candy evenly. glue it to the stocking.  Some candy will be left over.

Have a big posterboard chart with kids’ names and which activities they’ve completed. When they finish one, they put an ‘X’ in the appropriate box.


We printed out  clipart snowmen with a hat and scarf that could be colored. We also found clipart stockings and candy for the division activity.

How did it go?

There were 4 kids at the circle. I sent each kid to a different station, and then they could rotate as they finished each station.

This was the quietest circle ever…I found it  too quiet.  The kids were all working hard, but didn’t seem as excited as usual, maybe because they were working fully independently.

The snowflake, snowman combinations, and candy division were easy for everyone.

The counting activity was pretty easy, although one kid forgot what 1000 was called, and nobody knew how to write 1003. I told one of the kids how to write it: 1-0-0-3.  She said, “I already knew that!”. I said “Ok, sorry”.  She looked at her paper for a second and then she said quietly, “Can you tell me it again?”

The kids also did not know how to write 410.  One kid tried 40010, another said it should be 4010.