Mobius Crying

The Activities

  1. Topic: Comparisons: Book: More or Less by Murphy.
  2. Topic: Logic: Comparison: Play ‘twenty questions’ with numbers, similar to the book.  
  3. Topic: Counting: Addition: Use the Base Ten Blocks.  First review the blocks: a single block counts as 1, a bar counts as 10, a square is 100, and a cube is 1000.
    1. Count by 10s to 100.  
    2. Count by fives to 100.
    3. Show them the number 23 (two rods and 3 blocks), and ask them to tell what number it is.      
    4. Show them 65, and ask them what number it is.
    5. Have them add together 23 and 65.
  4. Topic: Geometry: Mobius strip and cylinders.
    1. First the kids color one side of a strip of paper (light color).
    2. Make a cylinder. Observe one color on outside/inside.  Trace a line around inside and inside (separate colors).
    3. Cut the cylinder in half, see that it makes 2 short cylinders.
    4. Color another piece of paper, and make a mobius strip. Observe there is no outside or inside.  Draw a line around it. Just one line will cover all surfaces of it.

      A mobius strip made of paper.

    5. Cut the mobius strip in half (lengthwise), observe the halves are connected.  Cut in half again and see the connected figure 8s.

How did it go?

I thought this would be a fun, easy circle, but my daughter was in a terrible mood.  I had to send her out of the room three different times for whining or crying.  Maybe she was thrown off by the recent time change.

The Base Ten Blocks went well. I gave one kid 1 ten bar and 5 ones, and another kid 3 ten bars and 3 ones.  The kids were able to figure out it was 15 and 33 by counting by 10s, and then adding in the ones.  Next I asked them what 15 + 33 was. One kid solved it by starting at 33 and counting up 15.  Another kid said she couldn’t solve it.  So I combined their 15 and 33 blocks, and asked her to figure it out. Now she counted by tens and found it was 48.

The cylinder/mobius strip activity was fun.  The kids were excited to see that the mobius strip had no inside or outside, and were surprised when we cut down the center of the strip and got 2 tangled mobius strips instead of separate pieces.



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