She Got to Count First Last Time!

The Activities

  1. Topic: Addition: Book: Math Fables Too by Tang. We did #3, 5, and 10. The kids liked this book but it wasn’t very mathy.
  2. Topic: Sets, Attributes. Given a pair of Attribute Blocks, identify the differences between them. For example, a thick, big, blue square vs a thick, small, blue, circle.  Differences: Size and Shape.
  3. Differences: Size, Color, Thickness.

    3. Topic: Patterns, Spatial Reasoning: Make simple patterns on the Pegboard, and have the kids extend the pattern.  Make a butterfly on the pegboard, and have the kids copy it.

    Two patterns that the kids extended.

    A cocoon on the left. A butterfly on the right.

How did it go?

We had 4 kids at circle this week.

Attribute Blocks

The kids took turns identifying differences between pairs of shapes. They were all pretty good at this, though there was some confusion between hexagons and octagons.

At the end of this activity, I told the kids they could all touch the shapes.  Everyone grabbed a bunch, and two kids started arguing because they both wanted to count all the shapes.  Eventually they counted the shapes together.

Now the kids started to get really wild, and my daughter started whining about wanting another cookie and pouting when I wouldn’t let her.

At this point I asked the kids if there were more blue shapes or yellow ones.  Kid #1 counted them both and decided there were more blue.

Aret there more triangles or circles? Kid #2 and #3 started arguing again about who should get to count.  I said it was Kid #3’s turn, but she didn’t want to count triangles, she insisted on counting red shapes. So I let Kid #2 count them, but she decided to count red shapes also.  This was a tricky situation as both kids were really arguing, and Kid #3 was putting her hands on Kid #2.


The pegboard is a key material in “Math from Three to Seven” by Alexander Zvonkin.  However, he only had 2 or 3 kids in his circles, while we have 6.  Based on today, I think the pegboard does not work well for larger groups of kids, since everyone wants to touch it at once, and only one kid can use it at a time.

The kids loved touching the board, and were fully capable of continuing patterns like: red, yellow, red, yellow.  Or blue green green blue green green.

Next we made cocoons. I made a line of four pegs in one color, and asked the kids to make the same line in another color.  Finally we turned the cocoons into butterflies by changing one line into a square and having the kids make the other wing.  This was easy for everyone.

After this the kids wanted to add antenae to their butterfiles, which I allowed.


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